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Picket Placement…What Will Create A Stronger Anchor?

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Of the two photos above, which do you think will provide a stronger anchor point. Comment #1 or #2.

Why Tripods, Bipods & Monopods Fail

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Today The Prusik Was Assigned A New Job

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      Outside of the Arizona Vortex legs creating a amazing piece of equipment, they also make a nice anchor point. The only thing I didn’t care for was how the rope , once under a load would be compressed against the leg itself. After kicking some ideas around I found that a prusik […]

Repurposing TGI’s For Good Use

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Can You Track The Load Path? Give This A Try……

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  Having the ability to visualize cause and effect in any rescue system is paramount for success. Why? Because we are constantly operating in a state of cause and effect.

What are your thoughts on picket positioning? Vertical Insert or 15 deg

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Shoring System Basics


Iced Coffee…A Straw And Load Transfer


How Are Your Visualization Skills

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      Looking at these two diagrams, can you visualize what the resultant effects will be from the actions you decide to take?  Use the second diagram to compare your thoughts with. Share your operational plan as to how you would conduct this rescue. Mike Donahue