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Vector Quiz

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      Here’s a little challenge for you this morning. Based on the created vector what theoretical MAS would be created and how much lift would be achieved?  

Alternate 4:1 MAS


A Different way to train….Sharpen Your Pencils

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Main and Back-Up Anchor Systems Utilizing One Length Of Rope

The “Art Of Visualization”

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Creative Thinking In Technical Rescue

CREATIVE THINKING IN TECHNICAL RESCUE 07/30/2014 Article and photo by Mike Donahue If you’re in the emergency services business, you know that outside-the-box thinking skills are a must. To travel outside the box, you need to have the ability to think creatively about applying your tehnical rescue skills. In this article, I will share a […]

Training The Technical Rescuer

This article will focus on instructing the technical rescuer. I use the term “instructing” loosely; this topic was sort of an “Ah ha!” moment for me. Following is the story of how I came to teach the way I do. I suffered through most of high school mainly because of poor teaching methods and a […]

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