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Alternate 4:1 MAS


Manipulate Your Way Outside The Box

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Can You Track The Load Path? Give This A Try……

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  Having the ability to visualize cause and effect in any rescue system is paramount for success. Why? Because we are constantly operating in a state of cause and effect.

A Different way to train….Sharpen Your Pencils

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What are your thoughts on picket positioning? Vertical Insert or 15 deg

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Main and Back-Up Anchor Systems Utilizing One Length Of Rope

The “Art Of Visualization”

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Calculate The Degree Of A Vector From As Far As The Eye Can See…

Intentions Were Good…

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Sloped Floor Shoring Systems

For this month’s article, I wanted to take a look at sloped floor shoring systems. Shoring systems can look complicated purely because of the number of components and steps involved in their construction. Remember the simple concept called the double funnel principle? The double funnel simply represents transferring the captured load from point A to […]

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