Size-Up & Plan Development At Technical Rescue Operastions

Size-up and plan development at a technical rescue operation is an important task for firefighters operating in the field of rescue operations, yet it’s a task that is misunderstood mainly because these operations are usually highly complex and the incident commander (IC) may not have a rescue background. When this is the case, the size-up […]

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Outside The Box….You Need To Give It A Try

Pictured is a alternate use for the Sterling F4. In this application I applied the F4 as a progress capture device in a set of mini fours. Using the F4 in this manner also provided the added benefit of acting as a means of introducing slack into the system. This was an idea I was […]

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How Are Your Visualization Skills

      Looking at these two diagrams, can you visualize what the resultant effects will be from the actions you decide to take?  Use the second diagram to compare your thoughts with. Share your operational plan as to how you would conduct this rescue. Mike Donahue      

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