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Why Tripods, Bipods & Monopods Fail

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Our Training Is Going To Reach New Heights

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I’ve admired the content that Rescue Response Gear and The Rigging Lab Academy has created for many years now. Pat Rhodes produced some amazing video content for The Rigging Lab and unbeknownst to him truly inspired me to explore and fall in love with an entirely different side of rigging. When I received an email […]

Who Said Cribbing Was Just For Supporting Loads…

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During a class I was running a problem presented itself. Because of the anchor location in relation to the load, the mainline was being forced against the structure. Utilizing directional pulleys to steer the rope away from the structure wasn’t an option because any and all anchor points were on the same side of the […]

First Responders Keep Your Eyes Open

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        I drove past this the other day and felt this would be something good to share. The pictured structure was damaged in a motor vehicle accident. It’s difficult to tell in this picture but the distance from the front of the overhang to the exterior wall of the structure is roughly […]

Repurposing TGI’s For Good Use

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Vector Quiz

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      Here’s a little challenge for you this morning. Based on the created vector what theoretical MAS would be created and how much lift would be achieved?  

Anchor Load Force Quiz

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Can you calculate the forces each of these anchor systems will see when a load force of 400 pounds is applied?

The Arizona “Walltex”

Pictured is one of my favorite ideas I brought to life.  Travel outside the box, experiment…It’s the best way to grow.   Mike Donahue 2015-

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