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When Two Disciplines Collide

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I’m a firm believer that all the rescue disciplines in some way are intertwined. A Raker Shore provides a path for a horizontal load to be transferred vertically into the ground. Its four main components are: Wall Plate (vertical component receiving the horizontal load) Sole Plate ( horizontal component transferring the captured load into the […]

The “Arizona Crane-Tex”

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                        With amazing equipment…amazing ideas come to life. I call this the “Arizona Crane-Tex”                                        

The Recipe For Adjustability 2 Pulleys- 2 Prusiks

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Compression Load Transfer Technique

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Who Said Cribbing Was Just For Supporting Loads…

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During a class I was running a problem presented itself. Because of the anchor location in relation to the load, the mainline was being forced against the structure. Utilizing directional pulleys to steer the rope away from the structure wasn’t an option because any and all anchor points were on the same side of the […]

Today The Prusik Was Assigned A New Job

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      Outside of the Arizona Vortex legs creating a amazing piece of equipment, they also make a nice anchor point. The only thing I didn’t care for was how the rope , once under a load would be compressed against the leg itself. After kicking some ideas around I found that a prusik […]

Outside The Box Method To Estimate Input Tension

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Main and Back-Up Anchor Systems Utilizing One Length Of Rope

Calculate The Degree Of A Vector From As Far As The Eye Can See…

The Arizona “Walltex”

Pictured is one of my favorite ideas I brought to life.  Travel outside the box, experiment…It’s the best way to grow.   Mike Donahue 2015-

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