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Sloped Floor Shoring Systems

For this month’s article, I wanted to take a look at sloped floor shoring systems. Shoring systems can look complicated purely because of the number of components and steps involved in their construction. Remember the simple concept called the double funnel principle? The double funnel simply represents transferring the captured load from point A to […]

Creative Thinking In Technical Rescue

CREATIVE THINKING IN TECHNICAL RESCUE 07/30/2014 Article and photo by Mike Donahue If you’re in the emergency services business, you know that outside-the-box thinking skills are a must. To travel outside the box, you need to have the ability to think creatively about applying your tehnical rescue skills. In this article, I will share a […]

Training The Technical Rescuer

This article will focus on instructing the technical rescuer. I use the term “instructing” loosely; this topic was sort of an “Ah ha!” moment for me. Following is the story of how I came to teach the way I do. I suffered through most of high school mainly because of poor teaching methods and a […]

A Common-Sense Approach To Technical Rescue

This is my first column for Fire Engineering, and in it I will review two examples of how firefighters can apply common sense to come up with solutions for even the most difficult technical rescue situations. The trick is to keep in mind the results your trying to achieve as well as the characteristics and […]

The Physics Of Rope Operations

There’s one portion in the discipline of rope rescue that I think is overlooked and, honestly, fascinating: The physics behind everything we rig. Understanding what systems to build to when to build them is one thing, but there’s more to these choices. When I first began studying rope rescue, I was provided a solid foundation […]

Size-Up & Plan Development At Technical Rescue Operastions

Size-up and plan development at a technical rescue operation is an important task for firefighters operating in the field of rescue operations, yet it’s a task that is misunderstood mainly because these operations are usually highly complex and the incident commander (IC) may not have a rescue background. When this is the case, the size-up […]

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