Our Training Is Going To Reach New Heights

I’ve admired the content that Rescue Response Gear and The Rigging Lab Academy has created for many years now. Pat Rhodes produced some amazing video content for The Rigging Lab and unbeknownst to him truly inspired me to explore and fall in love with an entirely different side of rigging.
When I received an email from Lance Piatt, President of Rescue Response Gear & The Rigging Lab Academy asking me to work with him, I was honestly floored and humbled.
The Rigging Lab Academy is going to redefine training in our industry. It’s in its growth stages now but what lies down the road will truly blow your minds!

For our training community here I’d like to extend a 20% membership discount. Your coupon code is found below. Thank you for supporting our content and sharing yours with us.

To become a member go to:
Enter Coupon Code MIKEDONAHUE
For 20% off the membership price.



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