Who Said Cribbing Was Just For Supporting Loads…

During a class I was running a problem presented itself. Because of the anchor location in relation to the load, the mainline was being forced against the structure. Utilizing directional pulleys to steer the rope away from the structure wasn’t an option because any and all anchor points were on the same side of the rope as the structure. To spice things up a bit I decided setting an artificial anchor opposite the building was a “no go”.

The cribbing I have (made by Turtle Plastics www.turtleplastics.com ) has a groove running down the center and when you stack one on the other a enclosed channel is formed. Now me being me I decided to position two CMC pulleys on either side to protect the rope from edge contact with the cribbing. As an added bonus the pulleys raised the rope up just enough that it passed through the channel without cribbing contact. What was the end result? No contact with the structure and I was a happy guy.

Mike Donahue 2016





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