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I drove past this the other day and felt this would be something good to share. The pictured structure was damaged in a motor vehicle accident. It’s difficult to tell in this picture but the distance from the front of the overhang to the exterior wall of the structure is roughly 8′. The result of this accident was a large cantilevered unsupported load.

As you can see the building owner attempted to shore the structure but clearly fell short. Here is why.

1. The uprights used are not plumb.

2. There isn’t a header or sole plate to properly transfer the captured load into the ground.

3. The midpoint brace isn’t … the middle.

4. No gusset plates were used.

5. No cross bracing was used.

I also must add that the effected portion of the structure was roughly 5′ of a road that sees heavy truck traffic.

Because I saw the building owner standing underneath the overhand talking on his cell phone I stopped to speak with him. I wanted to explain to him the hazards I saw in hopes an injury or worse could be prevented. Well…I was totally blown off .

What would you have done?

Mike Donahue


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