Set Your Tripod In More Ways Than One





Utilize the adjustability of your tripods legs to make it work for you in unique situations.





  • John Novak says:

    looking for more information on using the skedco tripod with the one leg raked.

  • Scott C says:

    Mike, I have a sked tripod as well. I am curious about using it with a lazy leg. I think my concern is if the red head is designed to take a load like that. I realize we routinely put the legs at uneven heights when placing the tripod on a slope but the red head is still level. With the lazy leg wouldn’t it cause the head of the tripod to be tilted? What would that do to the forces? Thanks.

    • mikedonahue says:

      Hi Scott,
      The back tie you see pictured in line with the raked back leg catches the resultant force from the load and transfers it back to the anchor. It’s important to note that the tie back runs right in line with the leg. If it didn’t a torsional force would be created throughout the tripod and subsequently all components of the system. What it boils down to is controlling the resultant or opposite forces created. As long as you
      adhear to the laws of physics your rigging methods will have no limits. Does that make sense?

  • Scott C says:

    Are you concerned that the skedco tripod’s legs cannot be pinned in place? That was one of the concerns Bud at Skedco had with using it in this configuration.

    • mikedonahue says:

      Not at all Scott. The front legs are both tensioned via tie-backs. With all three legs under a compression force the fourth force that being the actual load,balances everything out. The force generated in the tie-backs exceeds that of the load which is what needs to happen. It’s when the load exceeds the force that problems occur. Personally I’ve never pinned the tripod legs in place when using it.
      What are your thoughts Scott,

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