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The Physics Of Rope Operations

There’s one portion in the discipline of rope rescue that I think is overlooked and, honestly, fascinating: The physics behind everything we rig. Understanding what systems to build to when to build them is one thing, but there’s more to these choices. When I first began studying rope rescue, I was provided a solid foundation […]

Size-Up & Plan Development At Technical Rescue Operastions

Size-up and plan development at a technical rescue operation is an important task for firefighters operating in the field of rescue operations, yet it’s a task that is misunderstood mainly because these operations are usually highly complex and the incident commander (IC) may not have a rescue background. When this is the case, the size-up […]

Outside The Box….You Need To Give It A Try

Entry Img

Pictured is a alternate use for the Sterling F4. In this application I applied the F4 as a progress capture device in a set of mini fours. Using the F4 in this manner also provided the added benefit of acting as a means of introducing slack into the system. This was an idea I was […]

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