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Training The Technical Rescuer

This article will focus on instructing the technical rescuer. I use the term “instructing” loosely; this topic was sort of an “Ah ha!” moment for me. Following is the story of how I came to teach the way I do. I suffered through most of high school mainly because of poor teaching methods and a […]

45 And 60 Degree Raker Shores

Basic Concept Of Load Transfer Explained Using Cribbing

Shoring System Basics

Alternate 4:1 MAS (mechanical advantage system)

Iced Coffee…A Straw And Load Transfer

2 For 1 Rope Anchor System

Outside The Box Anchor Point

The Arizona “Walltex”

Pictured is one of my favorite ideas I brought to life.  Travel outside the box, experiment…It’s the best way to grow.   Mike Donahue 2015-

A Common-Sense Approach To Technical Rescue

This is my first column for Fire Engineering, and in it I will review two examples of how firefighters can apply common sense to come up with solutions for even the most difficult technical rescue situations. The trick is to keep in mind the results your trying to achieve as well as the characteristics and […]

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